The Fat Dog Laser Advantage

Why is Fat Dog Laser Different?

Fat Dog Laser Engraving & Recognition offers quite the advantage for our clients that most other Branding and engraving companies can't -- expertise that lends itself to your project’s success.

Jeff Johnson, Jeff Johnson Restorations & Designs, has 25 years of expertise restoring, repairing, designing, and evaluating art, antiques, and other items ranging from rare and collectible treasures to everyday common pieces.  This gives him a unique eye for design and solution solving for graphic and physical objects.   In other words, Jeff's experience ensures

  • A high level of quality.  His clients have always expected perfection.
  • White Glove care while handling your purchases so your items arrive undamaged.
  • Efficient production ensuring shorter turnaround times than most other shops. 

    Jennifer Johnson, The Johnson Meetings Group, has more than 25 years of experience planning, consulting, managing and executing highly successful meetings and events for Corporate, Non-profit, and local and national Associations.  This means that she has a unique perspective understanding clients’ needs in awards, plaques, branded items, and other forms of recognition. She understands corporate and association expectations, price-points, timelines, and deliverables. 

    Together, we offer a lifetime of expertise that will make your collaboration with Fat Dog Laser a productive and stress-free experience AND make you a star with your team.

    Image of Jeff Johnson at Jeff Johnson Restorations and Fat Dog Laser Awards studio in Raleigh, NCImage of Jennifer Johnson of The Johnson Meetings Group and Fat Dog Laser Awards and Racognition