The Fat Dog Story


Jeff started Jeff Johnson Restorations back in 1998 doing high-end art and antique restorations and creative fabrication projects. In 2008, Jennifer added a corporate meeting company called The Johnson Meetings Group. We added a large format laser machine to help with our custom projects and expand our service offerings.  We liked it so much we started curating products with it. In 2019 we branched the laser part of our business into it’s own division and named it Fat Dog Laser. The company has grown a bunch and now offer all kinds of custom products from drinkware to awards and wearables.  Fat Dog Laser now serves a wide range of Corporations, small businesses, Associations, and consumers by providing high quality products and  great customer service that draws from all of our expertise.

The original Fat Dog of Fat Dog Laser and Engraving


That’s a pretty cool shot of Guinness, our (sadly former) Golden Retriever family member. Guinness was a goof. He liked to eat things including carrots, pancakes, cheese doodles, and pretty much anything else that would fit in his mouth. A few years ago, Guinness went on a diet. Afterall, eating anything that will fit in your mouth does tend to leave one a bit, shall we say, circumferentially challenged. Anyway, Guinness provided the inspiration for the name, Fat Dog Laser. We hope you like it… the name that is, and the business too for that matter. Sadly we lost Guinness in 2020, but his memory lives on.    While no one can replace Guinness, we have added a new character known as "Blaze" to carry on the tradition and share the love as our brand ambassador.

Jeff Johnson Jennifer Johnson and Blaze of Fat Dog Laser