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- Since 1998 -

About Us

Fat Dog Laser is ready to help you redefine your awards and gifting programs!

Who We Are

We are Jeff & Jennifer Johnson and we, along with our employees, make up Fat Dog laser. We are located in Raleigh, NC.

Why the goofy name?

We named the business after our Golden Retriever and family member, Guinness. He loved carrots, pancakes, and anything else he could fit into his mouth.

How It Started

Fat Dog Laser started up in 1998 as Jeff Johnson Restorations. We did creative fabrication and art restoration. The laser thing is a really cool extension..

Our mission

We shoot for nearly perfect quality laser cut and engraved volume production for B2B and direct to customer gifts, awards, and plaques.

Who is fat dog laser?

You’re looking at it. 🙂

Well part of it anyway. We are Jeff and Jennifer Johnson and we, along with our awesome employees, make up Fat Dog Laser. We make all kinds of stuff using laser machines. We can cut out stuff, laser etch almost anything, and design unique products with your name, logo, or saying on it. Need a really cool corporate gift idea? Check out our drinkware or custom hats. Need an award or plaque? We’ve gotcha covered.

Why the goofy name?

That’s a pretty cool shot of Guinness, our (sadly former) Golden Retriever family member. Guinness was a goof. He liked to eat things including carrots, pancakes, cheese doodles, and pretty much anything else that would fit in his mouth. A few years ago, Guinness went on a diet. Afterall, eating anything that will fit in your mouth does tend to leave one a bit, shall we say, circumferentially challenged. Anyway, Guinness provided the inspiration for the name, Fat Dog Laser. We hope you like it… the name that is, and the business too for that matter. Sadly we lost Guinness in 2020, but his memory lives on.

How it all started

We started Jeff Johnson Restorations back in 1998 doing high-end art and antique restorations and creative fabrication projects. In 2008, we added corporate meeting and event planning with the Johnson Meetings Group. We got a laser machine to help with our custom projects and like it so much we started curating products with it. In 2019 we branched the laser part of our business into it’s own division and named it Fat Dog Laser. We’ve grown a bunch and now offer all kinds of custom products from drinkware to awards and wearables. Give your gift a little personality!

Our Mission

Our goal is to make nearly perfect laser cut and engraved products exactly the way you want it. We offer production quantity products for business to business as well as smaller, one-time orders for anyone. We want you to be happy and will help you design anything you like. We help individuals, business, corporations and non-profits with promotional items, gifts, awards, plaques and more.

Some of our creations